Templates for many types of flyers

Competing perfectly with modern marketing tools, flyers are an effective way to publicize an event. You still have to use it wisely and have a well-designed flyer on hand if you want it to be an effective and powerful communication tool. Like other communication tools of the same kind, flyers can come in different forms to meet different uses.

The different types of flyers

Depending on the purpose and content of the flyer, it can have different sizes and can be folded in several ways.

The most common form of a flyer is the unfolded single-sheet flyer. This type of flyer is very practical for those who do not have much budget to invest in the creation of a flyer. The standard size for this type of flyer is 20 x 28 cm, but you can change it as needed.

Templates for many types of flyers

The trifold flyer is made to contain a lot of information. This type of flyer is often used by restaurants offering home delivery to present their menu or by real estate companies to present their services.

The door-hanging flyer, on the other hand, is both inexpensive and very effective in promoting a product or service since it can be hung on customers’ doors. Thus, they will easily see the advertisement which is presented in the flyer.

Electronic flyers are digital versions of paper flyers. They can be sent by email or on social networks. This gives it a certain advantage, both from the efficiency point of view and from the cost point of view.

Create different type of flyers with templates

Now that you know the types of flyers out there, you probably have an idea for a flyer to create based on the goal you want to achieve.

All you need to create an effective and attractive flyer is a suitable template. Using a template will save you time and money and make your flyer more professional. The good news is that you can access many free and paid templates at https://clubpsd.com/. There you will find different types of flyer templates for different uses: event flyers, community flyers, etc.